Letter From the Founder

“Growing up in three countries gave me the ability to understand and embrace people from different backgrounds. I’m inviting members of Utah’s business community to explore how they can help create a culture of inclusion. For each individual, it’s a personal journey that starts with curiosity and empathy.”


Breathing Inclusivity was founded with the mission to give business leaders, mission-driven employees and companies the tools they need to create meaningful change within their organizations.

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By last count, African-Americans make up only 2.9% of American tech companies.
There are currently only 4 African-American Fortune 500 CEOs.
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Black unemployment is nearly double the rate than for that of white Americans.


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The net worth of the average white family is nearly 10x more than that of the average black family.

Business leaders can play a pivotal role in achieving racial inclusivity.
The benefits speak for themselves.

Better Performance

Companies with more diversity outperform their peers financially by as much as 33%.

Cutting Edge

Research indicates diverse teams are also more innovative.

Greater Profits

Companies with the most ethnically and culturally diverse boards of directors are 43% more likely than competitors to record above-average profits.

Growth & Expansion

Diverse teams are 70% more likely to capture new markets.

More inclusive leadership creates a more inclusive economy and can help close our country’s growing racial wealth gap. But it all starts with taking incremental steps and doing the hard work to foster more dialogue and action around inclusion.

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